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I am absolutely delighted, once again, to be Commend in the prestigious Take a View, Landscape Photographer of the Year... for two images!!

I had been shortlisted with four images this year, but it is beyond my wildest dreams to have two of my images commended. 

Both images will appear in the competition book , Edition 7 (available at discount through Amazon),  and you can see them in print at the National Theatre in London from December 7th.... there's still nothing to beat an actual print.

The exhibition will open on Saturday, December 7th 2013 and run until Saturday, February 8th 2014, so lots of time available to plan a visit. Over 100 of the winning and commended entries from this year's Awards will be on display. Entry to the exhibition is free.


Loch Rusky

Loch Rusky

The beauty of this little loch belies its size… from its infinity view to the south over the Campsie Fells to the seemingly endless ripple free surface… the light creeps along the far bank ensuring a well lit scene… an early Autumn morning, welcoming only the dedicated fisherman and insomniac photographers…

Pentax K5 with Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 @ 48mm

0.8 sec, F16, 100iso

Lee 105 circular poloriser


Cropped, curves, levels and saturation in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS6



Dukes Pass, Trossachs


Dukes Pass, Trossachs

There is no such thing as bad weather in the Trossachs… only the lack of midge repellent… I was drawn to this scene by the regularity of the birch trunks combined with the misty stillness of the forest after the rain and the light created by the wet leaves and raindrops against the trees autumn hues…

On my tripod, I used the flattening effect of the long lens to compress the distant scene, giving a specific feeling of depth…

Pentax K5 with Sigma 120-400mm, f4.5-5.6 @ 200mm

1sec, F16, 100iso


Curves, levels and saturation in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS6



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