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Portencross, low tide...

A rare trip to the coast... I haven't been to Portencross for a while, certainly not since the scaffolding has been removed from the Castle... normally a sunset venue, but worth a trip to this secluded little gem of the Clyde coast.

Portencross Harbour

View over to Arran

Harbour and stone Jetty

Some nice early light between the showers this morning... and a low enough tide to get amongst the boats, allowing a decent angle onto the Castle. This is a nice venue, only a thirty minute drive from Glasgow, with plenty scenery within a small area, stunning views over to Arran from Portencross.
The main attraction (for fishermen, and photographers) is the stone Jetty, offering the option for terrific views across the Clyde, long exposure and sunset opportunities... check out my fellow snapper Peter Ribbecks work from Portencross

Grounded yacht at Portencross

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