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Train for the future...

One of the categories in the Landscape photographer of the ear competition, is Network Rail’s ‘Lines in the Landscape’ Award...  this award is presented to the one photographer who best captures the spirit of today’s rail network as it relates to the landscape around it.

I have been making a conscious effort over the last few months, albeit not the best time for landscape work, to include a couple of images in this category, and it has given me an added incentive to venture further than my comfort zone of the Trossachs and shooting boats...  

 "there's someone at the door dear"...

 "there's someone at the door dear"...

Sunrise train passes through Ashfield towards Kinbuck...

A few weeks ago, in an effort to scare up a couple of shots worthy of admission to the competition, I ventured to a sleepy Stirlingshire, near Kinbuck, where the view from the road bridge provided a decent composition, that I thought merited a few shots... Needless to say, sunday morning , just after sunrise, does not equate to rush hour for trains in slumbering Kinbuck... with hindsight, and after a 50 minutes wait, a few knowing glances from people daft enough to be out at that time also, cyclists and runners... and one car, (probably the train driver going to work) a train arrived, and the 10-20 seconds of excitement, chaos and with all my exposure and composition knowledge packed into about four shots, I managed to get a couple of decent images.

I did enter them to the competition, and they were not shortlisted, but it taught me several lessons for the potential of this future winning venue. 

1. Summer is not the best time for landscape photography (already knew this) 

2. Autumn colour at this view will be stunning and what I wanted. 

3. Network Rail make timetables for a reason (buy one) 

4. Some people have really dangerous back doors!! 

So keep watching, this view will return in autumn, when I will get the winning shot!! 

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